100 Days of Spaces

Exploration of fictional rendered spaces
Role: Art Direction, Spatial Design, 3D

One of the classes I took for Spring 2021 at ITP was 100 Days of Making. We are given the opportunity to make something every day for 100 days. It’s recommended to keep the task within a particular theme and to average time spent every day to 45-60 minutes a day – unless you’d like to do more.

I decided to create the project 100 Days of Spaces. I saw this as an opportunity to explore my fascination with alternate realities and liminal spaces, as well as my growing interesting in spatial design from curating to architecture to larger installation-minded projects. This project was also me teaching myself Blender 3D since I didn’t know how to use any 3D modeling programs and, well, I wanted to learn Blender. The first few days involved me following random Blender tutorials on Youtube, until I found a tutorial dedicated to architectural spaces, which gave me the boost to start really creating my own spaces. Most of the assets used are prefabricated open-source 3D assets, and some of the scenes or images were created with very specific references.

The full 100 Days of Spaces are available on my dedicated Instagram, where I hope to continue creating some more ethereal spaces.

︎ @100daysofspaces

Here is a selection of some of my favourites:

I am also open to producing something beyond instagram posts. As a test I printed a digital textile for my apartment: