US Presidential Museum

Undisclosed Museum, opening in 2026
Role: Exhibition visualisation, designer, storyboarding, ideation

As a Visual Experience Designer at Local Projects I was tasked with handling the Design Development for the visuals and graphics for this large ground-breaking museum project set to open in 2026. With a $50 milllion budget, across 30,000 sq. ft., 20+ interactive and immersive historical exhibitions within the museum; large scale photo-murals, typography, scenic design, projection mapping design, storyboarding on interactive installations.

For reference and display only.

Visualising projection mapping shifting from immersive hyper-realism to cinematic:

Art Direction collage for an interactice animation depicting seasonal changes:

Various wall graphics, typography, and other exhibition visualisations:

Lighting experimentation in Blender for a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ style exhibit: