Installation & Performance
Part of Bubblegumclub’s INFINITY STUDIO residency
Commissioned by Kampnagel for LIVE ART FESTIVAL, Hamburg

I was approached by Bubblegumclub to participate in the INFINITY STUDIO residency which saw 16 South African artists collaborate on a collective performance installation at Kampnagel in Hamburg. I created a hypothetical product titled EmPath which  boasted itself as the ‘first biotech supplement to effectively increase emotional intelligence’. Paired with my faux-product installation in the foyer I gave a parody TEDtalk to the audience as a tech-mogul silicon valley guru character, named Dan Van Kirk. The work addresses neoliberal tendencies of co-opting and attempting to commodify anything under the guise of social progression, particularly newage heroes like Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, and Mark Zuckerberg.

“The reinventor of the Mindful Industrial Complex” – Dan Van Kirk