Tactile Connections

In collaboration with Chaski No

Self-constructed loom with capacitive touch, connected via serial USB to a p5.js generative visuals sketch

Produced as mine and Chaski’s physical computing summer class final; we were looking at the history of weaving and the loom and how it functions as one of the earliest forms of (unrecognised) computation which was also primarily done by women. The textile-like pattern generated is a simple procedural pixel plotting algorithm by Naoki Tsutae (explained here ︎) which we hooked up to be manipulated by the loom woven with capacitive touch (& two dials for effects 🤪)

Big thanks to Viola He for guiding us on parsing multiple inputs into an array 🧠 more on the coding and construction process can be viewed on Week 4-6 on Chaski’s ITP blog here ︎